Accesses to ETDs in Languages Other Than Portuguese @PUC-Rio: a Different View

Ana M B Pavani


Portuguese is among the 10 world languages with the most native speakers; it is the third Western language in the ranking. At the same time, it is neither the lingua franca of science and technology, nor of the Internet. In Brazil, in the last decade, many institutions started allowing ETDs to be published in languages other than Portuguese; English is the most used. This work addresses characteristics of the ETD collection of a university in Brazil in terms of the languages of the works. An overview of the numbers/percentages of ETDs in Portuguese and other languages is presented in the time frame 2008-2018. Some aspects of the accesses are discusssed too, but they are from 2016 on since before this year the numbers of ETDs in English were very low. The numbers of ETDs in foreign languages – numbers of institutions and of works – in other Brazilian institutions that contribute to the Brazilian national consortium are presented and discussed too.

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